ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: Netimizaagamig Nishnaabeg Chief & Council along with the Emergency Pandemic Response Team has implemented a safety measures to protect the citizens.  Please keep informed through our website and Facebook page for regular updates.  Stay safe.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 and the new measure implemented, you can contact us at:

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The purpose of this report is to provide an update to the community on our First Nation’s response to changing conditions in the COVID pandemic in our area.


Pandemic Team Meeting at Least Weekly


Our Pandemic Team, which includes our various department managers and the CEO, as well as any available members of Council and outside resource people, has been meeting on a weekly basis and as required, to monitor and respond to changing conditions.


The Pandemic Team meetings provide an opportunity to share information and develop recommendations that are consistent with our COVID By-Law that are then forwarded to the Council for review and approval.

Occasionally, if an urgent situation arises, and a Council meeting cannot be arranged quickly, then the CEO will make a decision and forward this for the review and approval of the Council at a later date.


COVID By-Law is Still in Full Force and Effect


The COVID by-law that was passed by the Council earlier this year is still in full force and effect.


Please refer to attached copy of the COVID By-Law.


All of our citizens and permitted visitors are reminded that in Mobert, social distancing and the use of masks when social distancing is not possible, is mandatory and is our law.


In the interest of the health and well-being of our community, we will be working closely with the APS to enforce all of the terms and conditions of this by-law.


Your continued cooperation is very appreciated – this is only for the protection of our citizens.


If you notice someone isn’t following the precautions, please help out by giving them a gentle reminder.  If you are concerned, please call the Health Centre and report your concerns.


Response to COVID Cases Reported in Marathon – We are moving to Stage 2 – CONTROLLED ACCESS



As our citizens are likely aware, there are currently 3 active COVID cases in Marathon.


We understand that this is very concerning for our citizens and as such, the Council has accepted and approved the following response plan:

  1. Mobert will move to Stage 2 – Controlled Access – effective at midnight, December 2, 2020 for the next 2 weeks after which we will reconsider and update as required – this means that:

  2. All Mobert residents are strongly advised to avoid non-essential trips to Marathon until further notice and should consider White River or other communities for grocery shopping and accessing other essential goods and services

  3. All non-essential staff who reside in Marathon will be required to work from home until further notice – Managers will identify who is an essential staff with the CEO, and this will include most of our Health and Social teams

  4. Any employees who are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with COVID are required to stay away from work until their symptoms resolve (this has been effect for several months now)

  5. All non-essential employee trips to Marathon are cancelled – employees are directed to utilize shops and services from White River or Manitouwadge (or other communities except Thunder Bay) until further notice

  6. Only essential service providers will be allowed to enter the community, and even then they will be subject to strict screening procedures

  7. Any visits to Mobert by non-residents, including immediate family and friends, should be avoided if possible

  8. All persons entering Mobert will be subjected to a full screening including completing a COVID questionnaire and temperature screening – we will also ask if they were in Marathon and provide advice on not travelling there for the short-term

  9. Highschool students will continue under remote learning until after the Christmas holidays

  10. The Mobert school will remain open – Marathon staff will work from home and remaining staff will be reallocated to ensure proper coverage for students

  11. The medical van will continue operations  - additional precautionary procedures will be implemented (e.g. protective coverings in the vehicles, increased cleaning/sterilizing procedures) – we will continue to liaise with the Marathon Family Health team on any modifications to appointment schedules

  12. In addition to these measures, our citizens who are under a physicians care should consult with their physician on any additional measures that they should follow.

Restrictions on Travel to/From Thunder Bay:


The Thunder Bay District Health Unit yesterday reported 100 active cases, which includes 28 new cases reported over the weekend related to an outbreak in a long term care facility.


While the entire Thunder Bay District Health Unit area including Mobert remains under a “Yellow” zone, we are concerned that with the growing number of cases in Thunder Bay and therefore are maintain the following procedures:


  1. All Mobert residents should continue to avoid all non-essential travel to Thunder Bay and outside of Northern Ontario until further notice.

  2. Essential travel would include trips to attend an important medical appointment, access counselling or other similar services that you cannot complete over a video or conference call, to visit someone in your immediate family  who is seriously ill (if you are can confirm that you will be allowed to visit them in hospital, etc.), to attend a funeral, and others (please consult with our Health Dept. for further guidance)

  3. Persons who need to make an essential trip to Thunder Bay or outside of Northern Ontario must:

    1. Contact our Health Department (Shelly Livingston, Manager) before the travel to receive instructions and guidance;

    2. Provide us with information on your travel plans including departure and return dates;

    3. On return, complete a COVID screening questionnaire and temperature scan; and

    4. Contact the Health Manager immediately on your return for further instructions, which may include self-isolation and/or a COVID test, if precautions and conditions of travel were not followed.

  4. Persons who make non-essential trips (e.g shopping, visits) to Thunder Bay or outside of Northern Ontario will be required to self-isolate for 14 days or until such time as they have provided a negative COVID test. 

  5. No non-essential visitors from Thunder Bay are permitted, and in the event of an essential visitor, non-residents must self-isolate for 14 days or until such time as they have provided a negative COVID test.

  6. In addition, no visitors from outside of all other areas of Northern Ontario, including Manitoba, will be permitted at this time for any reason.


COVID Testing


COVID testing is available in Mobert through the Community Health Nurse from Dilico.


Staff are also organizing another community testing clinic (tentatively for December 14) at which time any community member can request a test. 

Over 30 people were tested in the testing clinic held in November, and no positive cases were reported.


We are also working with Barrick on a new rapid testing clinic that should be available later in December.  This clinic will be able to provide test results within approximately 60 minutes.

We will be requiring all of our staff to complete regular testing and any of our citizens will be able to access testing.

Appointments will be coordinated through our Health Centre in Mobert.


Upcoming Funeral


Sadly, several families have experienced the loss of loved ones in the recent months and weeks.

We understand how important it is to be with family during these difficult times, and as such we will continue to allow funerals but under strict rules:

  • All visitors will be subject to the COVID by-law and the measures explained in this update.

  • The maximum number of people allowed in the church at any time is 30 persons.

  • All persons must continue to use masks and social distancing

  • There should be no congregating of large groups at the entrance to the churce

  • A member of the family will be required to take responsibility for adhering to these rules.  PMFN staff will monitor and request compliance with the rules;


In recognition of the sacrifices that families experiencing losses have made during COVID, the Council will plan a community memorial service during the 2021 community week or pow wow.

Details will follow in the future.





We appreciate your consideration and cooperation in these difficult times.

We know that these are stressful times and need you to continue to understand that we must always protect our citizens from known health risks, especially our Elders and more vulnerable persons.

Please continue to be kind to your family, friends, neighbours and our Council and staff who are working hard to keep us all safe.




Gimaa Kwe and Council

Netmizaagamig Nishnaabeg

Notice to Pic Mobert Highschool Students re Classes for November 25-27, 2020


In light of the reported COVID case in Marathon, and in consideration of the immediate heightened risks that this presents, students will not be transported to Marathon for the remainder of this week and will instead be focused on remote learning.


School representatives will contact all students with further instructions in the morning.


We will review the situation on Friday and provide further updates on plans for next week.


Miigwetch for your cooperation

Pic Mobert First Nation Education Department



The purpose of this report is to update our citizens on recent activities and development with respect to the COVID pandemic conditions:


  • The COVID/pandemic planning committee, which includes all program managers and our new health and safety manager, Jack Williams, has been meeting weekly to monitor conditions and update the pandemic plan and measures as required

  • The entry gate remains in place - some recent changes include:

    • An actual gate structure has been installed

    • Our guards have completed safety and procedural training of all guards and are equipped with seasonally-appropriate PPE

    • Gate guards are now administering screening questionnaires for all non-residents

    • Effective this week, there will be 2 guards on duty during all shifts

    • A heated security building will be installed in the near future

  • All public buildings remain locked and open only be appointment or screened entry

  • Managers have been mandated to ensure that their respective staff and visitors to their buildings are using masks, and will be held accountable for non-compliance

  • Local PPE (e.g. masks, hand sanitizer) stocks are good and being managed by the Community Health Representative – please contact the health centre if you need any supplies

  • The number of cases in the Thunder Bay District Health Unit (TBDHU) are continuing to climb – there were 78 cases as of yesterday.

  • Community-wide testing was completed in Mobert on November 17 - about 35 people completed tests and as of today, we have not been advised of any results, negative or positive.  Positive results would be conveyed to the Thunder Bay District Health Unit (TBDHU) – our health staff will stay in close communications with the TBDHU and ISC communicate any developments to us immediately;

  • A resident of Marathon who works at Barrick has tested positive for COVID:

  • The individual who tested positive has not been on the mine site for 12 days

  • There were 6 persons contacted by the TBDHU who may have been in contact with this individual – they are awaiting their results and have been directed to self-quarantine – to our knowledge, none of these are residents of Mobert

  • The risk to other employees has been characterized as “low” as employees have continued to follow safety protocols (masks, distancing, hygiene, etc).;

  • TBDHU will be visiting the mine site today or tomorrow to review operating procedures and recommend any changes that my be required.


Based on current conditions, we are implementing the following additional measures:


  1. All residents are STRONGLY advised to avoid all non-essential travel outside of the immediate area, Northern Ontario and in particular Thunder Bay, Southern Ontario and Manitoba – this means you should NOT BE TRAVELLING TO THESE AREAS unless it is absolutely necessary (e.g. for an essential medical appointment or to accompany a family member to an appointment) – if you need to travel with a family member  for an essential trip, only persons who must be present should travel; and

  2. Effective immediately, all persons arriving in Mobert will be required to:

    1. Provide contact information (name, phone number);

    2. Complete a temperature screening with the temperature recorded;

    3. Answer the question “Where are you returning from today”?

    4. Persons who are returning from Thunder Bay or any point outside of Northern Ontario will be required to:

                                                   i.     Declare this on arrival to Mobert, and

                                                  ii.     Complete a pre-entry COVID screening form; and

                                                iii.     To self-isolate for 14 days (or until a negative COVID test is provided) and be required to complete a COVID test or rapid test, when available;

  1. All non-residents will also continue to be required to complete a pre-entry COVID screening questionnaire.


Please allow extra time when travelling in and out of Mobert to allow for these extra procedures.


All of our citizens are reminded that:

  1. Use of masks in Mobert  is mandatory whenever entering public buildings or when you are in situations where social distancing is not possible; and

  2. Continue to practice social distancing, maintaining a minimum of 3 m (6’) between yourself and others;

  3. The maximum size of any gathering is 10, but movement between households should be kept to a minimum – our programs will be pausing group sessions for the time being;

  4. Please try to minimize visits to Mobert by family and friends and remember that all visitors will be subject to our screening procedures at the gate.


We understand that these measures may cause delays when entering the community and perhaps disrupt your plans for social and holiday shopping trips.  We hope that you understand that these are necessary to ensure the continued protection of our citizens.


For further information or guidance, please contact the Health Centre – Shelly Livingston (Health Manager) or Jorge Urban (Community Health Representative)  (807) 822-2625.  Or send an email to


We will keep you apprised of further developments as they become known to us.




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