Netmizaaggamig Nishnaabeg (Pic Mobert First Nation) band members can apply for housing on-reserve by filling out the application form below and submitting it to the Housing Department Manager.

Funding is available for those wishing to purchase a home off-reserve through Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services (OAHS).  If you are interested in buying a house off-reserve please visit or call 705-256-2134 for additional information.  OAHS can assist you with a certain percentage for the down payment and also assist you with the legal fees involved in purchasing a house.

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For more information regarding housing please contact: 

Housing Manager:

Shawn Desmoulin

Phone: (807) 822-2134 Ext. 204


Housing Foreman:

Clyde Jacobs

Phone: (807) 822-2134 Ext. 203