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Niigaan Zhaadaa (Moving Forward):

Economic Development Strategic Plan 2014 -2018
Message From the Chief:

On behalf of the Council, the Elders and the technical team of presenting this economic strategy plan, we would like to thank the community members for their input of putting this economic strategic plan together. It was very encouraging to see how our people can come together when called upon to do something as important as developing a plan that will benefit the community as a whole. You have taken action in ensuring our children and future children have a brighter future. Thank you again for your honesty and trusting this process. When we started working on this plan, we were in the process of ratifying our land and larger land base. We made history on June 21st, with overwhelming support to take back our lands. With this land, we as a people can begin building a sustainable community and a vibrant nation. You have seen industries past and present, benefiting off of our lands. You have taken a stand to say “this is our turn”.

With our lands and this economic development strategic plan, we will take control of our own destiny. Our community will continue to grow economically, socially and politically at a pace that is both challenging and exciting. We now have the opportunity to embrace this and continue “moving forward”(Niigaan Zhaadaa).

I look forward to supporting the movement of this process, and trust you will continue to stay involved throughout the years as the administration staff and technical support team begin putting into action the steps needed to achieve our goals.


Chief Johanna Desmoulin
Netmizaaggamig Nishnaabeg (Pic Mobert First Nation)

Economic Development Department

Economic Development Officer: 



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